Smith Wins National Title At Murray Bridge

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Matty Smith has won the Speedway Sedans Australia, National Modified Sedan Title at the Murray Machining & Sheds, Murray Bridge Speedway, after the disqualification of the original winner, Brodie Boss after post-race scrutineering.

Boss defeated Matty Smith who led from lap seven until lap thirty eight, while Tim Atkin finished third as they crossed the line.

The race was an amazing spectacle from the very beginning, with Kye Walters and Lincoln Bath starting on the front row for the forty lap Title decider.

Walters took the early lead as Bath, Brock Atkins, Matty Smith, Jake Drewett and Cameron Waters ran two, three and even four wide behind the leader in the opening laps.

Lincoln Bath then took the lead, as the lead group continued at high speed, three wide in pursuit of the lead.

Smith would then take his Nissan 300 ZX to the lead on lap seven, with Bath and Atkins fighting either side of Smith in search of the lead.  Walters meanwhile, started to slip back into the clutches of the lead group, and soon found himself back in seventh place after the opening ten laps.

The first caution would be for Clint Noakes, who spun on turn two, and was subsequently sent to the rear of the field.

A lap later on lap thirteen, Jake Drewett and Brock Atkins would make contact, with Atkins out with broken suspension.

The race went up another level, as Smith continued to lead, with Tim Atkin moving to second place, after starting from position twelve.  He was in a great battle for position with Nick Cockerill, Cam Waters and Boss for second place as Smith opened a small lead.

The most significant stoppage would occur on lap eighteen, when Jake Drewett spun in turn three.  Kye Walters was left with nowhere to go, slamming into the side of Drewett, while Matt Nelson then ploughed into the back of Walters, which saw the demise of both Drewett and Walters.

It was hard to believe the racing could get any better behind Smith after the restart, but it did, as the chasing pack went three and four wide continuously, as they tried to stay in touch with Smith.

With twenty laps remaining, Smith had a one second advantage over Atkin, Cockerill and Waters, with Boss and Justin Drew closing the gap to join the trio in a five way battle behind Matty Smith.

With twelve to go, Boss moved to third and Waters to fourth as Cockerill was demoted to fifth, but still nothing separated the leading pack in a brilliant spectacle.

With ten laps remaining the caution lights came on for debris which turned out to be an exhaust.  This would also be the end of Matt Nelson, who drove a great race after finishing third in the B Main, moved to sixth place, but retired ten laps shy of the finish.

The final ten laps would be epic, with Smith not getting away for the leading group as he had at the previous stoppages.  Boss passed Atkin with nine laps to go and with seven to go levelled up with Smith for the first time.  Smith was able to hold off the advance, but Boss tried again with six to go, levelling up with Smith on the back straight.  Smith responded and went back to a car length lead.

With four laps remaining, the sixth and final stoppage of the race would occur, when former National Champion, Greg Worling would spin in turn four, setting up a thrilling finale.

Smith got a good start, and held a car length lead before Boss got the momentum on the outside and tried an outside pass for a third time.  Smith again resisted the move, but with less than two laps remaining, Boss tried and inside move, with the pair coming out of turn four together for the final time.

The pair did make contact, as Boss after numerous attempts, passed Smith and went on to win by 0.739.  Boss started from position fifteen, with a superb drive from well down in the pack.  Smith was a gallant second, leading for thirty two of the forty laps, with the seventeen year old having a very bright future.  Tim Atkin, similar to Boss, started in the second half of the field from position twelve, and also drove a great race, and was in the thick of the action from very early on in the race.

Nick Cockerill was a very credible fourth, like Atkin, was in the lead group right throughout the event, while Cameron Waters was fifth, also with a great drive in what was a great race.

Justin Drew and Aidan Raymont, two former National Champions would finish sixth and seventh respectively and were always just off the lead group, while West Australian Clint Noakes did a good job to recover back to eighth place after being sent to the rear of the field on lap twelve.

Earlier, an incident packed B Main which saw multiple stoppages and several damaged race cars, would be won by Peter McCarthy.  He advanced to the A Main along with Aidan Raymont, Matt Nelson and Matt Gerlach, who started from the back row of the B Main.

The C Main unlike the B Main went without incident with David Head and Daniel Drewett advance to the B Main.

The final round of heats lived up to all expectations with some brilliant racing and a spectacular crash involving Martin Hawson who went through turn one and two on two wheels before rolling into the catch fence.

For seventeen year old Matty Smith it is the biggest win of his career and he becomes the youngest ever winner of the event.

*All placings noted in this article refer to original finishing positions.


GRID A Main – 40 Laps: 1 V46 Kye Walters, 2. Q27 Lincoln Bath, 3. Q62 Matty Smith, 4. V42 Brock Atkins, 5. V96 Cameron Waters, 6. V18 Jake Drewett, 7. W23 Clint Noakes, 8. V11 Nick Cockerill, 9. V7 Justin Drew, 10. Q3 Greg Worling, 11. Q38 Tim Smith, 12. Q15 Tim Atkins, 13. V33 Daniel Simpson, 14. V5 Ash Parkinson, 15. Q12 Brodie Boss 77, 16. V56 Graham West, 17. W6 Peter McCarthy, 18. Q28 Aidan Raymont, 19. V61 Matt Nelson, 20. V14 Matt Gerlach.

Official Result
1.   Q62 Matty Smith, 2. Q15 Tim Atkin, 3. V11 Nick Cockerill,4. V96 Cameron Waters, 5. V7 Justin Drew, 6. Q28 Aidan Raymont, 7. W23 Clint Noakes, 8. Q38 Tim Smith,  9. V5 Ash Parkinson, 10. V56 Graham West,  11. V6 Peter McCarthy, 12. V33 Daniel Simpson, 13.  V14 Matt Gerlach,  14.  Q3 Greg Worling,  DNF: 15. V61 Matt Nelson (30 Laps), 16. Q27 Lincoln Bath (19 laps), 17. V46 Kye Walters (17 laps), 18. V42 Brock Atkins (12 Laps). DISQ V18 Jake Drewett (17 Laps), Q12 Brodie Boss (40)  Time:  No Time  Winning Margin:  0.739  Fastest Lap:  16.244 Q62 Matty Smith

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