Shane MacDonald new Qld Modified Sedan Champion

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Shane MacDonald proved last Saturday night at Kingaroy, that a week is a long time in Speedway, when he won the Queensland Modified Sedan Title, at the Kingaroy Showgrounds venue.

A week previous MacDonald failed to qualify for the A Main in the Australian Title, ultimately finishing fifth in the B Main.

Last night, in front of a near capacity crowd, Shane MacDonald would start the gruelling 40 lap main event from position eight, while newly crowned National Champion Aidan Raymont would start on pole position.

Raymont and fellow front row starter Brett Barron traded the lead early, while behind them Greg Worling, Mark Raymont and David Jacobi continually traded places through the first ten laps.

MacDonald had moved from eighth to sixth in the open quarter of the race, before rapidly moving to third.

Raymont shrugged off the challenge from Barron, who dropped back to as low as fifth, with Raymont now having to contend with Mark Raymont, and soon after MacDonald.  The three way battle, saw Mark Raymont momentarily hold the lead after fifteen laps, as the National Champion went from first to third, with the Raymont duo separated by MacDonald.

A lap later MacDonald took the lead, as Aidan Raymont passed Mark Raymont to move back to second.

At the half way mark, the race had turned into a thriller, with Barron, Jacobi and Brett Baxter filling the top six places.

With ten remaining, Baxter made his move, taking fourth place, as the battle between the Raymonts continued, with Mark moving back ahead of Aidan.   Mark Raymont hit the lead with seven laps remaining, setting up a thrilling finish.

Mark Raymont held the lead for two laps, before MacDonald took it back again with five laps remaining, with a great outside move, with MacDonald persisting on the outside throughout the 40 laps.

The demise of Aidan Raymont with a broken right rear shock, saw Baxter move to third, as Raymont chased Macdonald to the chequered flag.  In a thrilling finish, MacDonald took the victory by a mere 0.173.

Behind MacDonald and Raymont, Brett Baxter finished clear in third with David Jacobi holding fourth while Gavin Lorensen and Glenn Pagel, who both finished on the National podium a week prior, would round out the top six.

The Modified Sedan action continues this weekend, with the NSW State Title at another Showground, Lismore.


A Main: 40 Laps: 1. CR27 Shane MacDonald, 2. G25 Mark Raymont, 3. G5 Brett Baxter, 4. L36 David Jacobi, 5. G11 Gavin Lorensen, 6. G4 Glenn Pagel, 7. R48 Brett Barron, 8. G29 Jessica Raymont, 9. SC22 Shannon Blackburn, 10. SB46 Steven Zahl, 11. SB44 Ashley Barron (38 laps), 12. CR32 Nathan MacDonald (38), 13. G28 Aidan Raymont (36), 14. SC37 Craig Franz (25), 15. CR8 Rodney Pammenter (23), 16. GL11 Tony Coomber (10), 17. L3 Greg Worling (4), 18. G26 Jamie O’Meara (0), 19. RK11 Darryl Ehterden (0, 20 Q1 Mark Carlin (0). DNS: V10 Trevor Mills. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.173, Fastest Lap: 17.269 GL11 Tony Coomber


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