Qld Modified Production Title Gets Bigger

18/04/11…Pam Franz

Since the original list of nominations was first released the field has grown from 69 to 72 competitors with the inclusion of Mat Pascoe, Gavin Fletcher and Wayne Fischer.

There is a huge program of racing at Charlton over the May Day long weekend.  The Modified Production Qld Title will be supported by Super Sedans racing both nights in two seperate rounds of their season long series, Australian Compact Title and Junior Street Sedans (Saturday only) and Junior Sedans (Sunday only).

RACING WILL BEGIN ON BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHTS AT 4PM SHARP.  Modified Production racing starts at Event 3 on the program on each night.

Saturday’s time Schedule for Modified Productions – Saturday 9am to 1pm scrutineering of all Modified Productions, Drivers Briefing 3pm, Racing from 4pm.

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