New Speedway Australia Penalties for Forged Medical Documents

23/09/2015…Pam Franz….courtesy
Unfortunately, despite the release of the Speedway Australia memorandum on 15 September 2015 relating to forged medicals, the Speedway Australia licensing department are still receiving some medical examinations that have been tampered with, or simply forged. Due to this the Speedway Australia Board has discussed at great length the penalties for such offences, and we have now implemented further penalties for such acts.

Effective immediately, the Speedway Australia Board advise that the penalty for a first offence of presenting a forged medical during the licence application process will now be:

  • A $1000.00 fine
  • 12 Months competition licence suspension – the first 6 months of the licence suspension is automatically imposed. The remaining 6 months of the suspension is imposed as a suspended sentence under a 12 month good behavior bond, which is effective from the date of your Speedway Australia licence renewal
  • Speedway Australia will also notify the Medical Practitioner associated with the medical examination so they may seek any legal action if they wish.

In the case of a second offence, Speedway Australia will refuse the licence application and reject any licence application from the offender thereafter.

All Licence Holders of Speedway Australia are reminded that falsifying a professional medical document is forgery and is against the law and there can be huge ramifications for doing so.

A professional medical examination is crucial to the Speedway Australia licence application process, ensuring drivers are fit, healthy and safe to compete in our sport. By tampering or forging a medical examination you not only put at risk your driving safety, but the safety of those drivers and officials at track, by increasing the risk of a racing accident.

Because of the ramifications of such risky behaviour Speedway Australia takes this issue very seriously. As such, Speedway Australia will continue to enforce strong penalties against those who would tamper or forge medical examinations.

Speedway Australia deems this sort of offence as a very serious breach of important policy standards and wishes to remind everyone involved in the sport that they have a role to play in making sure a compliant, safe, governed form of Speedway is what is needed to provide growth and promotion all over the country.

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