Modified Production Title Scrutineering Times

09/09/12…Pam Franz

Scrutineering times for the re-scheduled 2011/12 Modified Production State Title at Maryborough on Saturday 15th September are as below:

09.00 M8 Steve Thomsen                               09.00 G18 Brendon Bayfield
09.10 SB7 Travis Hutchison                          09.10 SB46 Steven Zahl
09.20 BB81 Dennis Shallcross                       09.20 BB35 Bevan Collins
09.30 G4 Glenn Pagel                                       09.30 G11 Gavin Lorensen
09.35 G5 Brett Baxter                                      09.35 Q1 Todd Doyle
09.40 G23 Adrian Stott                                  09.40 G28 Aidan Raymont
09.45 G26 Jamie O’Meara                             09.45 G25 Mark Raymont
09.50 G29 Jessica Raymont                        09.50 G85 Justin Jenkins
10.00 G77 Neil Keldoulis                             10.00 SC92 Michael Budgen
10.05 SC90 Jaymee Budgen                        10.05 SB44 Ashley Barron
10.10 SB10 Stephen Geritz                           10.10 SB64 Daniel Evans
10.15 SB48 Brett Barron                                10.15 SB88 Michelle Barbeler
10.20 SB89 TJ Horne                                      10.20 SB42 Gavin Fletcher
10.25 SB888 David Barbeler                        10.25 SB31 Travis Barron
10.30 C88 Matthew Swarbrooke               10.30 C32 Trent Humphreys 
11.00 C76 Wayne Fischer                            11.00 C94 Darren White
11.05 CR32 Nathan MacDonald                 11.05 C2 Shayne Truin
11.10 CR14 Brendan Kennedy                    11.10 CR8 Rodney Pammenter
11.15 CR78 Peter Gray                                  11.15 CR33 Darren Ciesiolka
11.20 C69 Russell Harris                             11.20 CR73 Lee Volk
11.25 SC86 Darren Pearson                       11.25 CR95 Kerry Lack
11.30 L3 Greg Worling                                11.30 B10 Steve Jordan
11.35 L36 David Jacobi                              11.35 SC22 Shannon Blackburn
11.40 RK41 Matt Thomas                          11.40 SB54 Michael Shelford
11.45 MK68 Ross Wellby                           11.45 L58 Steven Downes
11.50 V1 Mark Carlin                                 11.50 GL11 Tony Coomber
11.55 T66 Ross Bullimore                       11.55 L15 Quintin Clarke
12.00 MK58 Steven Janson                  12.00 MK23 Jeff Smith
12.05 L81 Noel Clarke                              12.05 RK3 Antony Gaunt

Modified Production Sedan State Title competitors have been allocated a Scrutineering time – this is to ensure that all the cars can be fully scrutineered prior to the start of racing.  Scrutineering will start at 9.00am and will be completed by 12.05pm on Saturday 15th September.  If you have been at practice on Friday night please ensure your car has been washed prior to presenting it to scrutineering, and you are asked to please adhere to the allocated time to ensure a smooth transition throughout the day.  If you are unable to attend at your allocated time you MUST phone Title Co-Ordinator Pam Franz on 0417 137 740.

 You are required to bring to scrutineering –

  • Current log book 2012/13 season
  • Current Infringement Card and Speedway Australia Insurance card
  • Race car – please ensure your car is presented complete in ‘race ready’ condition as it will scrutineered as being ‘race ready’.
  • Your full safety gear.  Safety gear must be presented at scrutineering.  Please check your gear prior to the title event and ensure that is in good condition and complies with the regulations – refer to pages 52 and 53 of the Australian Speedway Racing Rules and Regulations September 2011 version. 
  • Non compliant race gear will be withheld and you will be required to source compliant race gear to use during the racing.
  • Non compliant race gear withheld during the meeting can be collected at the conclusion of the meeting, any uncollected non-compliant race gear will only be held for 7 days after the meeting before being disposed of

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