Mat Pascoe and Adam Brand Feature in Friday Night Speedway

19/12/2018….Webadmin…courtesy GSCC Media

Corbet’s Group Mothar Mountain Speedway Gympie bursts back into action with a very special Friday night race meeting on December 28, when the Brim’s Concrete / McCosker Contracting Super Sedan Summer Slam Round 1 will be staged.

That’s right, a Friday night meeting on the Mountain. Over the last couple of seasons, the Summer Slam meeting has been nothing short of spectacular. This season should continue this tradition when the best drivers attack the Mountain again.

Leading the list is current Queensland Champion Matt Pascoe, who won his state title on the Mountain last season. He loves the demanding lay out of the circuit and is keen to lead home the field again.

His main opposition will, no doubt, be Darren Kane who also loves to race on the Mountain and has won just about everything there is to win in the sport.

Sean Black, Wayne Randall and Matt Williams are always at or near the front of the field and will also have victory on their minds for the Slam.

Local driver Mark Pagel and veteran Ian Brims cannot be overlooked either.

The nominated field is –

Q1 Matt Pascoe; Q0 Justin Randall; RK3 Matthew Williams; RK4 Leigh Williams; G4 Mark Pagel; M5 Craig Shaw; Q6 Wayne Randall; N7 Wayne Dick; M8 Gordon Shaw; Q12 David Musch; Q15 Gavin Northfield; Q20 Nicholas O’Keeffe; N21 Darren Anning; Q22 Dale Christensen; MK25 Darren Hawkins; Q26 Sean Black; Q29 Darren Saunders; RK31 Brendon Doyle; Q36 Darren Kane; GL39 Bob McCosker; GL43 Graeme Elliott; Q76 Ian Brims; C77 Sam Roza; Q99 Mark O’Brien.

Country music super star Adam Brand will line up in his immaculate Legend Car when the class makes their first appearance at Corbet’s Group Mothar Mountain Speedway. Should be a fascinating spectacle to watch these little cars on the Mountain.

The nominated field is –

2n Troy Bolton; 9Q Emma Harris; 16Q Craig Smith; 29Q Wayne Martin; 31N Cameron Jewell; 34Q Adam Brand; 38N Adam parker; 42Q Leigh Walker; 52Q Anthony Harrison; 55N David Browne; 69N Nathan Camilleri; 74N Dalton Rowell; 75N Graham Keats; 92Q Matt Gordon; 95Q Ian Jones; 97A Sean Rooney; 99V Luke King.

National 4’s and Junior Sedans make up the remainder of the night’s program.

This special Friday night of racing on the Mountain is one not to be missed.


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