2015 Kings Royal Format Released

25/07/2015…Pam Franz….information courtesy of Ryan Harris South Burnett Speedway Club

The South Burnett Speedway Club has great pleasure in announcing the “$10,000 to win” 2015 Modified Sedan Kings Royal, is once again scheduled to be held at Lucas Oil Kingaroy Speedway on 23rd, 24th & 25th January, 2015 – Australia Day long weekend.

After the overwhelming success of last year’s event that was won by Greg Worling, the event is back bigger than ever, with an increased prize purse and minimum guarantee and we have listened to you all and is back with an improved format over the three day event.

The event will be once again run with the unique three day format as per last season, but the new and improved format will see everyone compete in all three nights of the event and will see time trials mean even more as they will count for points and give competitors plenty of track time to ensure they give themselves every change to make the top 24 on Sunday night and a shot at the $10,000 winner’s cheque or just the $400 cash you will get for making it to the final.

As always the Kingaroy Speedway is committed to ensuring there venue remains competitor friendly and affordable and this season’s event will be no different with the Kings Royal event once again having a discounted 3-day admission Super Pass, which will once again make this event the cheapest 3 day event in the country.

As an added benefit to the competitor, this event will once again have NO nomination fee.

Not only will there be over $35k in prize money and another amazing array of trophies for the winners, but the trophy presentation will be fit for a king…

Let’s take a look at the format.

Night One – Friday 23rd January, 2015.

Hotlaps – 5pm (groups of 5 cars x 5 laps) – 1 run per car only

Time Trials – 5:30pm (groups of 3 cars x 3 laps) – 1 run per car only (random time trial draw for time trial order)

Time Trials count for overall points for the weekend. QuickTime is awarded 30 points, 2nd quick = 29.5 points, 3rd quick -29 points etc with every single car qualifying in the top 60 getting at least something for time trials.

Everyone qualifiers for the heat draw. No top 60 this year, everyone is in all weekend.

1 round of heat (maximum 10 cars per heat) – normal heat draw – 10 laps

Night two – Saturday 24th January, 2015.

2 rounds of heats (draw continued on from night one) – 10 laps

Night Two Preliminary Shootout 1 – odd qualifiers after 2 rounds of heats – 20 laps (20 cars)
Night Two Preliminary Shootout2 – even qualifiers after 2 rounds of heats – 20 laps (20 cars)

Along with prize money for the shootouts, both events also count for points towards the overall points for the weekend, however carry a slightly different points structure for these two events.

(1st – 20 points, 2nd – 19 points, 3rd – 18 points, 4th – 15 points, 19th – 2 points, 20th – 1 point etc)

Night Three – Sunday 25th January, 2015.

1 round of heats – 10 laps (based on points thus far – top points to the front etc)

D Main (15 laps) – maximum 20 cars (top 4 transfer)
C Main (15 laps) – maximum 20 cars (top 4 transfer)
B Main (20 laps) – maximum 20 cars (top 4 transfer)

Kings Royal Dashes

A Dash

Qualifiers 9th to 14th race off in a 6 lap dash to determine starting positions (9 to 14) in the A Main.

B Dash

Qualifiers 15th to 20th race off in a 6 lap dash to determine starting positions (15 to 20) in the A Main

Kings Royal Shootout

World Series Sprintcar Time trial shootout to determine top 8 starting positions in A Main

Bronze Shootout – qualifiers 5,6,7 & 8 on track spread out and time trial for 4 laps (top 2 quickest times transfer on)
Silver Shootout – qualifiers 3,4 & top 2 from previous shootout – spread out and time trial 4 laps (top 2 transfer on)
Gold Shootout – qualifiers 1,2 & top 2 from previous shootout – spread out and time trail 4 laps (lap times determine top 4 starting positions in A Main)

Prior to the Shootout getting underway, the Top Points Scorer will be awarded with a trophy and $200 Cash Prize for being the top points scorer after all the qualifying events. This will be done on track during the show to celebrate this massive achievement.

A Main – 50 laps – 24 cars

Payout for the weekend

Minimum Guarantee – based on 80 cars paying out $8000

All cars that start the weekend get $100

Preliminary Shootout Prize Money (both events on Saturday night) – paying out $1300

1st – $250 2nd – $150 3rd – $120 4th – $80 5th – $50

Top Points Scorer Bonus – paying out $200

$200 (top points after all the heats and time trials – prior to the dash events)

All cars that take the green in the following Main events will get the following Prize Money in addition to the $100 minimum guarantee money:

A Main – paying out $23500

1st – $10000 2nd – $2500 3rd – $2000 4th – $1500 5th – $1000 6th – $600 7th – $500
8th – $450 9th – $400 10th – $350 11th to 20th – $300

B Main – paying out $1900

1st to 4th – Top 4 transfer 5th to 10th – $150 11th to 20th – $100

C Main – paying out $1300

1st to 4th – Top 4 transfer 5th to 10th – $100 11th to 20th – $50

D Main – paying out $800

1st to 4th – Top 4 transfer 5th to 20th – $50

As you can see, along with $23500 being paid out in the A Main, plus the $100 minimum guarantee for everyone that starts the weekend, along with prize money throughout the weekend in the D Main, C Main, B Main, the two Preliminary shootouts and the top points scorer bonus, this event with a car count of at least 80 cars will pay $37000 in prize money, making this the biggest and richest paying event in the country.

Add to this a whole host of sponsors that are once again lining up to get on board to provide a whole range of prizes, gift vouchers and awards to drivers right throughout the field. And if your business is interested in being part of this event, please contact either club president Ashley Barron on 0438 326 217 to discuss your ideas on being part of the Kings Royal.

Modified Sedan racing continues to go from strength to strength and once again a massive car count is expected to converge on the Kingaroy Speedway for this event. Although others may try to replicate they will never duplicate the richest, biggest and most exciting event this country has ever seen, the 2015 Modified Sedan Kings Royal on the Australia Day long weekend.

So save the date and book your accommodation now, as the 2015 Modified Sedan Kings Royal will be sensational…

Once again camping packages at the showgrounds will be available and all this information will be available in the 2015 Kings Royal Information Pack which can be found on the www.southburnettspeedway.com website.

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