2014/15 Season About to Start – Time to Re-Register Your Car

16/06/2014…Pam Franz

It is nearing the end of the 2013/14 speedway season. ALL registered cars will become UNREGISTERED as at 30th June – car owners need to be arranging with your Club Scrutineer people to get your cars daylight inspected so you can register you car in preparation for the 2014/15 season.

This applies to Practice Days as well as Race Days. Your car must be registered to be able to take part in a Practice Day – your Speedway Australia personal accident insurance will not cover you if you need to make a claim whilst in a car that is unregistered to its normal division.

Time also to check to see when your Speedway Australia insurance and your Infringement Card expire. Do you need a medical this year? Don’t be caught out and miss out on a Practice Day or race meeting.

Also your Club Memberships are due as of 1st July. To maintain your Speedway Australia insurance cover you must be a current financial member of an affiliated club. Do it now – Do it now – Do it now.

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