Street & Super Street Specification Book Update

19/08/09…Pam Franz

Over the past 6 weeks the sub-committee appointed to prepare a Draft Update of the Street & Super Street Sedan Specification Book has been meeting.  The last printed version of the Specification Book was released in September 2005 and many updates and changes have been introduced as required to keep abreast with the introduction of later model cars to the various sections of racing.  All these changes have been as a result of agended items at QSCA meetings held twice yearly and consequent Committee of Management meetings to fine tune items as required.  All these outcomes have been distributed to affiliated Clubs via Meeting Minutes and Reports or Memos and subsequently uploaded to this website for all members to access.

Once the Draft is available for upload to this website it will be open for all members of the QSCA to have their ‘positive’ input.  Members will be able to share their thoughts in writing – only named/legibly signed suggestions will be considered before the new Specification Book is presented to the February Council meeting for acceptance or otherwise.

The new Specification will then be uploaded to this website in PDF format and members will be able to download their own copy or access directly on line.  Any changes made from that point will be made to the electronic uploaded copy only – this will ensure that there will always be an up to date copy of the specification available to all members.