Carburettor Clarification Junior Sedans

20/12/10…Pam Franz…courtesy of Des Alfirevich – SSA National Technical Director

To Technical Officers and Junior Car Owners

Information Bulletin only:-

The Technical Committee has identified the use of an illegal carburettor on some junior cars.

The Technical Committee have identified the use of another model carburettor on the A12 Nissan.

The correct carburettor for the A12 Nissan has a maximum throat size of 20mm primary and 26mm secondary throat.

The use of carburettors and components on any ASCF/SSA Junior cars must conform to the current Junior specification manual. Any car found with an illegal carburettor will be dealt with as per the Australian Racing Rules and Regulations.

If you are uncertain of the specifications pertaining to your car please contact your state Technical person for further information.

To those nominated competitors and crews attending the National Junior Title there is a
requirement for you to present their car with enough tools to remove the Rocker Cover, Air Filter and Spark Plugs.

You may be asked to remove some or all of these components at scrutineering.

We ask all competitors and crews full cooperation and understanding on this matter.

Kind regards
Des Alfirevich
Technical Director