QSCA History

The QSCA Inc was formed as the state controlling body to ensure that speedway sedan racing would be conducted in a uniform manner throughout the State of Queensland.

It is the state body of Speedway Sedans Australia Inc (ASCF) and as such follows the Australian Speedway Racing Rules and Regulations and the various class Specification Books. It seeks to promote the interests of speedway sedan drivers and owners on the most equitable basis and to encourage and foster the sport of speedway sedan racing in the State of Queensland.

The QSCA Inc covers a wide range of sections including ASCF/SSA Inc Super Sedans and Modified Production Sedans, Junior Sedans, QSCA Inc Super Street Sedans, Street Sedans, Junior Street Sedans, 4 Cylinder Sedans and Nostalgia Sedans.

Currently there are 20 member clubs in Queensland providing a membership of around 1,500 individual members. Approximately 400 sedan cars are registered with the QSCA in each year and around 600 competitor licences are issued.

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