Women in Speedway Event Re-scheduled

17/12/10….Pam Franz

It was such a disappointment to all the Women in Speedway participants last weekend that the rain came and prevented theWISm from having the opportunity to ‘have a go’.  The good news is that this event has been re-scheduled to take place on 8th January, 2011 at Mothar Mountain Speedway. 

Due to the great response to the initial concept this event is closed to any further nominations.  Only those who were nominated to take part in the wash out are eligible to take part in the re-run.

Dianne McKeiver, Lillian Smith, Donna Peacock, Ashleigh Kennedy, Anna Doyle, Robyn Falkenhagen, Tiffany O’Keeffe, Jessica Raymont, Tegan Jennings, Selina English, Carrie Merrick, Sonya Matthews, Chrissey Scotney, Kaye Arthur, Leanne Richters, Danielle Harris, Diane Packer, Michelle Barbeler, Laurie Wicks, Kirstie Harm, Sarah Franz, Sonia Budgen