Withdrawal of Officials Red Cards by Speedway Australia

3/11/14…Pam Franz

All Registered Officials for Speedway Sedans Queensland (QSCA Inc) – please see the news release received from Speedway Australia today via email.

Note – nothing has changed with the requirement to be a registered Official to Speedway Sedans Queensland to officiate at Sedan events as a Steward or Scrutineer – just the removal of the Red Card component.

Friday 31 October 2014
A Board of Directors meeting was held in the offices of Speedway Australia headquarters last Monday 27 October 2014.As a continuation of the assessment and review by the Board of Directors of a number of the functions and processes currently undertaken at Speedway Australia the following release concerning the Speedway Australia Officials Accreditation Card (Red Card) has been granted.
From the date of this letter and until a full and comprehensive investigation and review of the Speedway Australia Officials Accreditation Card (RED CARD) system has been undertaken, the Red Card will not be required and until further notice will no longer be issued by Speedway Australia.
It is imperative that all Officials continue to meet the relevant National, State Club and track requirements as authorised by their respective Competitor Associations. Current Red Card holders will be recognised.
At this point in time all downloads from the website and paperwork pertaining to a RED Card will be excluded.
For and on behalf of the
Board of Directors
Ross Allen (Chairman)
Guy Thompson (Vice Chairman)

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