Time to Get Organised for 17/18 Season


If you are planning on taking your car to practice in the next few weeks – please be aware of the following.

SSA cars can only practice or race against other SSA cars in their own divisions. SSA cars MUST be fully registered for the 17/18 season (have log book in your possession) and drivers must hold a current Infringement Card and Speedway Australia licence. You must make sure that your Log Book is signed by a currently registered SSA scrutineer before taking part in any practice or race meeting.

I will be away on speedway business on Fri/Sat/Sun 25/26/27 August and again on Fri/Sat/Sun 15/16/17 September. I will also be away doing My Laps Timing at an event on Fri/Sat/Sun 8/9/10 September. This means that I will not be available on those days to register your car so please get organised asap.

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