Tim Atkins Goes Back To Back in Production Sedan Titles

25/02/2014…Pam Franz….courtesy of www.speedwaysedans.com

Tim Atkin has defended his Queensland Production Sedan Title, at the Lucas Oils Kingaroy Speedway on Saturday night.

Atkin took the lead just nine laps from the finish, after Kristian Walker showed the way for the first thirty one laps.

The pair started on the front row of the grid, after fifteen qualifying heats were held, with Josh Arthur and Stephen Laidlaw on row two.

Laidlaw would last just one lap before being forced to retire, as Walker and Atkin opened a small lead on the remainder of the field.

Arthur and Wayne Slade would hold third and fourth respectively until lap twenty two, when Tim Smith took fourth place, and four laps later he moved to third.  Andrew Beaton would follow Smith through and would move to fourth with ten laps remaining.

Meanwhile apart from the battle raging for the lead, a growing band of cars had landed on the infield, as the 40 lap event took its toll.  Drivers including Josh Arthur and Wayne Slade were amongst those forced to watch the concluding stages.

With nine laps remaining, Atkin hit the front, while Taran Knowles who started from well back in the field moved to third.   Brad Hutchison took third place with six laps remaining and was forced to hold off Beaton in the concluding stages.

Atkin would win by a car length after an epic race, with Kristian Walker a gallant second.  Hutchison and Beaton crossed the line together with 0.082 separating the pair. Tim Smith, Taran Knowles and Jim Cowley would be the only other drivers to finish.


A Main – 40 Laps: 1. Q1 Tim Atkin, 2. G7 Kristian Walker, 3. N41 Brad Hutchison, 4. BB7 Andrew Beaton, 5. CR36 Tim Smith, 6. G12 Taran Knowles, 7. SC61 Jim Cowley, 8. M85 Josh Arthur (26 laps), 9. G777 Neil Keldoulis (23), 10. G19 Wayne Slade (22), 11. G33 Kent Shelford (21), 12. SC35 Michele Blavius (21), 13. G10 Daniel Henshaw (14), 14. G5 Lincoln Bath (14), 15. S1 Stephen Laidlaw (1), 16. G36 Darren Lyon (1), 17. C77 Sam Roza (0), 18. G6 Luke Edwards (0), 19. SC36 Sarah Franz (0), 20. SB89 TJ Horne (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.297, Fastest Lap: 17.355 Q1 Tim Atkin

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