Super Street Title Scrutineering Times Released

18/05/11…Pam Franz

The 2010/11 Super Street Title is re-scheduled to be held at Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway on Saturday, 28th May, 2011.  32 nominations are now to hand for this event which will provide great racing to the attending spectators.

1045  Jason Flikweert
1045  Bradley Jennings
1045  Tegan Jennings
1100  Neil Keldoulis
1100  Stephen-John Lahiff
1100  Nigel Mulvena
1115  Jessica Raymont
1115  Matt Rigby
1115  Lee Steffens
1130  Kent Shelford
1130  Graham Beer
1130  Steve Cook
1145  Trent Humphreys
1145  Shane Reynolds
1145  Shayne Truin
1200  Gary Harris Jnr
1200  Richard Brosnan
1200  Tyler Mertin
1215  Scott Thomsen
1215  Steve Thomsen
1215  Mark Calvert
1215  Daniel Evans
1230  Josh Harm
1230  TJ Horne
1230  Jason Kregenbrink
1245  Brad Scorgie
1245  Nick Cook
1245  Chris Pendry
1245  Kriss Warry
100   Peter Walker
100   Antony Gaunt
100   Warren Johnson

All competitors in this event are reminded that you must present your Race Gear at scrutineering for both the driver and passenger – please ensure you have checked your gear prior to this event and that it complies with the list on Pages 52/53 of the 2009 Australian Speedway Racing Rules & Regulations book.  Your Race Suit MUST have a visible SFI rating of 3.2A/1 minimum.  Your boots, balaclava, gloves and underwear MUST have a visible SFI rating of 3.3 or FIA 8856-2000.  Your helmet must be full faced, a AS1698 helmet must be no more than 5 years old from the manufacture date or have a compliant Snell rating.

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