Super Sedan Title at BIS

23/04/09…Pam Franz…amended 24/04/09…amended 26/04/09

The holding of the 2009 Super Sedan Title at Brisbane International Speedway is fast approaching.

A finalised of nominations to hand are as below – 35:

Darren Kane, Blair Granger, Dean Hawkins, Desmond Korn, Mat Pascoe, Wayne Miles, Ian Brims, Michael Doblo, Michael Jenner, Geoff O’Keeffe, Shayne Lau, Mark O’Brien, Tim O’Shea, Chris Bussey, Matt Williams, Craig Torr, Ron McCallum, Darryl Etherden, Will Gould, Justin Smithwick, Steve Pearce, Craig McGeorge, Peal Geary, Colin Hockley, Mark Pagel, Dempsie Pails, Michael Hally, David Colgrave, Wayne Randall, Michael Nicola, Ashley Bergmeier, Jack Childs, Gary Pagel, Wayne Brims, Tania Smith

24/04/09 – Dean Hawkins has notified the QSCA that due to no engine he will be withdrawing from the Title event.  Lee Noon has also notified of his withdrawal from the event due to circumstances outside his control.

Please note that your scrutineering time is 11am to 2pm on Friday, 1st May.  Scrutineering will take place in the Pit Area.  You will be able to leave your transporters, trailers and race cars in the pit area but all persons must vacate the Pit Area by 230pm and the Pit Gates will not re-open until 330pm – no exceptions.

NASR Pit Entry Rules apply – all persons from 10am on this day are required to be wearing fully closed, fully covered footwear.  Children from the age of 12 years who have a NASR Card can access the Pits after 230pm but only children from 16 years who do not have a NASR card can gain access to the Pit Area.

At scrutineering you will require – your car, your log book and infringement card and your full race gear for checking.

Any car not presented for scrutineering during the time frame of 11am to 2pm and does not make contact to notify of your late attendance will be fined.  If you will not be available between 11am and 2pm on Friday 1st May please phone either Bill Peall on 0407 791 449 or Pam Franz 0417 137 740.