Super Sedan Nominations to Hand

03/04/09…Pam Franz…updated 06/04/09

Nominations for the 2009 Super Sedan Title being held at Brisbane International Speedway on Friday and Saturday, 1st and 2nd May, 2009.  To hand at this time are the following:

Mark O’Brien, Darryl Etherden, Will Gould, Shayne Lau, Jack Childs, Dempsie Pails, Craig McGeorge, Darren Kane, Paul Geary, Lee Noon, Ash Bergmeier, Blair Granger, Wayne Miles, Gary Pagel, Ron McCallum, Craig Torr, Wayne Randall, Ian Brims, David Colgrave, Geoff O’Keeffe, Michael Doblo, Des Korn, Michael Nicola, Justin Smithwick, Michael Jenner, Chris Bussey, Dean Hawkins, Tim O’Shea, Mark Pagel, Michael Hally, Colin Hockley, Matt Williams, Steve Pearce, Mat Pascoe, Wayne Brims

If you have sent your nomination and you are not in the list above please contact Jim Cowley on 0408 060 078, QSCA Title Co-Ordinator.