Super Sedan Engine Specification Remains Unchanged

27/06/12…Pam Franz….information courtesy of Speedway Sedans Australia

Speedway Sedans Australian have tonight released the finding and wishes of the majority of Super Sedan drivers, in relation to the Engine Rule.

The Board has supported the majority of the drivers and have accepted that the engines will be staying as per the current engine rule (367ci) and clarifications from October 2011 below. The final draft of the new specification manual will be presented at the April Board meeting for implementation July 1st 2013.

“That we use the 2009 Super Sedan Specification Book for the 2011/2012 season. All cylinder heads will be investigated during the season for the new draft.

All drivers are reminded that Ford heads must be OEM standard configuration, with part numbers or replica configuration.”

Moved WASCF Seconded NASRSA.          Carried.

This then means that what is written in the Super Sedan Specification Manual (2009) page 38 under the heading


Only two valves per cylinder permitted in V8 or V12 engines.

Splayed valve cylinder heads not permitted unless OEM.

Overhead cam cylinder heads are not permitted on V8 or V12 engines.

Canted valve cylinder heads are not permitted, except on Ford as per OEM standard configuration.

Cylinder heads must bolt onto the correct engine block (Super Sedan Specification Book 2009 page 37) without any change to the head bolt pattern.

For a Ford cylinder head to be used, it must have a Ford part number cast on it.

A replica head (Ford replica) may be used if it complies with the above specifications.


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