Street Sedan Title Nominations List Released

18/03/10…Pam Franz…times amended 23/03/10

The running of the 25th Qld Street Sedan State Title is set to take place at Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway over the Easter weekend of 3rd & 4th April, 2010.  51 nominations are to hand for this event which is sure to provide an excellent weekend of racing.  In 1986 when the first Street Sedan Title was held at Gympie it was won by Max Baxter.

In a first for Qld State Titles drivers have been allocated a Scrutineering time – this is to ensure that the large field of cars can be fully scrutineered prior to the start of racing.  Scrutineering will start at 9am and will be completed by 2pm on Saturday 3rd April.  Drivers will be issued with a list of the scrutineering times and are asked to please adhere to the allocated time to ensure a smooth transition throughout the day.

Nominations and scrutineering times are as follows:

9.00am Brad Jennings and Tegan Jennings,  9.10am Doug Rigby and Darren Brady, 9.20am Aaron Sander and John Sander, 9.30am Lester Wilcox and Robert Middelton, 9.40am Kuben Kunny and Darren Lyon,  9.50am Tim Atkin and Neil Keldoulis, 10.00am Shane Jurrs and Allen Nottage, 10.10am Jarrod Peacock , 10.20am Tiffany O’Keeffe and Malcolm Lomax, 10.30am  Jason Slade and Kent Shelford – Morning tea – 10.50am  Shannon Blackburn and Sarah Franz, 11.00am Jim Cowley and  Russell Cowley, 11.10am Jaymee Budgen and Sonia Budgen, 11.20am  Josh Arthur and Richard Brosnan, 11.30am  Tyler Mertin and Kurt Murdoch, 11.40am Kerryn Goodwin and Scott Thomsen, 11.50am Steve Thomsen and Frank Packer,  – Lunch break – 12.30pm Jason Protheroe and Max Marshall, 12.40pm  Josh Harm and Neil Harm, 12.50pm  Jason Hadley and Daniel Evans, 1.00pm Ashley Ekins and Chris Briese, 1.10pm Claire Cook and Alan Murphy, 1.20pm Jeff Peacock and Adam Cochrane, 1.30pm  John Jones and Dianne McKeiver.

You are required to bring to scrutineering – your current log book, current licence, race car and your full safety gear.  Both driver and passenger safety gear must be presented at scrutineering.  It is preferable for both the driver and passenger to be present at scrutineering and if your car is owned by someone other than the driver, it is preferable for the owner to be present also.