SSA Turn2 Funding Program

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Speedway Sedans Australia is pleased to offer to their classes through our affiliated clubs and associations a number of funding opportunities. Speedway Sedans Australia has partnered with Speedway Australia to be able to provide a total of $25’000 per year over the next three years,
bringing the total amount of $75’000 available through the Turn2 SSA Funding Program.

Speedway Sedans Australia is offering funding of up to $1000 per application in order for all SSA Classes through SSA affiliated clubs and associations in assisting with funding for the purpose of a specific race, race meeting, function and/or event, a series, club/ track awards and promotional initiatives of Speedway Sedans Australia divisions.

SSA Turn 2 Application Form
Funding applications for the 2017/2018 season will close with the SSA office on the 31st October 2017, with all successful applicants notified no later than the 14th November 2017. If you believe this SSA initiative is something you could capitalise on and can meet the following requirements, then
Speedway Sedans Australia look forwarded to receiving your funding application.
– Applicant must be promoting and fostering Speedway Sedan Australia Competitors and Classes.
– Applicant must be willing to display Speedway Sedans Australia logo and any appropriate signage and/or promotional items.
– Applicant will be required to complete the event as per the date provided in the application, to be granted the approved funding. Funding may be withdrawn in failure of doing so!
– Applicant must provide photos and relevant material of the Speedway Sedans Australia Logo/signage and/or any promotional aspect of the event, highlighting how the funding was utilised and contributed in the exercise.
– If funding is provided for a specific race and/or competition event, then it must be held on a Speedway Australia Insured Track.
– Applications to be made on SSA application form only.
– Applications to be sent to the SSA office by email.
– Successful applicants will be required to supply a tax invoice for any funding.
– Applicants understand that all applications will be addressed on their own merit.
– All successful applicants must be willing to consent to use of photos in Speedway Sedans Australia promotional material.

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