SSA Roll Cage Material and Design Release

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Speedway Sedans Australia today release what will be a significant step forward in the maintenance of specifications throughout all classes under the SSA umbrella. An exercise that, will through the continued efforts of maintaining an imperative and ultimately an area associated throughout all specification books, based around the construction of all roll cages and the minimum material specifications allowable for new cars from the 1st of July 2019 and into the future.


The catalyst to having the SSA arrive at this point, deliver and introduce changes and additions to the entire Roll Cage section, were the outcomes pertaining to an extensive revision of this section.

In fact, what highlighted and in turn allowed for the discovery, that the specified material requirements of all specification manuals did not allow for a sub 300mpa grade material, that was potentially being produced and distributed through various outlets around the country and used in the construction and fabrication of roll cages for competition in SSA Classes should not be an acceptable practice.

The practice of fabricating, potentially by using general use mild steel sub 300mpa used for the purposes such as furniture and the likes was certainly not and should not be used, and an acceptable measure in the fabrication and construction of Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS) throughout not one, but all six SSA Classes.

Throughout this time and for the duration, emphasis was applied in adopting and a full participation of what would be a thorough revision of Section 2, Construction, Material and Design. With the employment of a Qualified Structural Engineering firm based in Queensland and involved specifically with design and material testing of which results highlighted through primary and secondary purposes of this exercise, a material product through all test parameters including Tensile, Yield and Elongation provided unquestionable outcomes and results that a far superior product available in today’s market would allow for the continuation of applicable material in meeting the criteria for the purpose of roll cage construction for all SSA Classes.

A product that has global recognition through many forms of motor sport, a far superior product,  a suitable product available in today’s market and a product that has been and will continue to be well received by many constructors and suppliers of roll cage and bar work fabrication for all SSA classes.

Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) mild steel tube, with a minimum tensile strength of 350 MPA! Common tubing with stronger, although lighter characteristics that display those specifics unique for the specifications going forward for all SSA Classes, a material and product as associated and accepted by FIA and respective International Standards with exceptional properties of strength, reception to bend forming and as importantly welding serviceability.

Insight of such proven results based around the parameters of this tubing along with a number of structural additions to the design of the Roll Cage specification across all SSA Classes, from the 1st of July 2019 the entire specification subject to Roll Cage material and design is now available, effective moving forward for cars constructed and or roll cages fabricated for compliance, competition and registered across all Speedway Sedans Australia Classes.


To enable a seamless introduction to the new Section 2 Roll Cage specification, newly constructed vehicles will be able to option the use of the current Section 2 Roll Cage Material and Design, alongside of the new specification for a period ending June 30 2021. This will allow cars currently under construction to be completed to current specification and allow roll cage manufacturers and constructors to tool up.

The continuation or abandonment of this phase in period is subject to review and may be altered under the sole authority of Speedway Sedans Australia Inc.

Vehicles compliantly constructed and registered optioning the current Section 2 Roll cage specification will be able to continue to be registered during and after the phase in period has ceased as per current Speedway Sedans Australia Policy.

Both specifications will be subject to their individual respective design and material compliance requirements and are unable to be cross referenced.

Construction of new specification roll cages inclusive of its design and material only, will be able to be commenced effective from the date of publication of this release. Speedway Sedans Australia highly recommend this option.

29th May 2019


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