Speedway Australia Increases 2013/14 Fees

28/05/13…Pam Franz

Recently at the Speedway Sedans Australia (ASCF/SSA) Board Meeting in Adelaide the question was asked of Speedway Australia CEO Dale Gilson if there was to be a change in fees for the 2013/14 season commencing soon – at that time there had been no decision reached – there has now been information received confirming that the fees will rise by $10 across the board for all insurance levels. Statement quoted from CEO Dale Gilson “The reason behind the increase other than the obvious such as cost of living, is that the organisation will be doing a lot more drug testing in the future and this is a costly exercise but one considered to be very important. There will also be an increase in the TV grants for national organisations.”

Please note that neither Speedway Sedans Australia (ASCF/SSA) or Qld Saloon Car Association (QSCA) are increasing their fees for the 2013/14.

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