Safety Bulletin: Seatbelt Rating SFI 16.5

29/05/11…Pam Franz..courtesy of by NASR Head Office on 27/05/11

Speedway Australia wishes to advise that the SFI rated 16.5 Seatbelts are now accepted under our minimum safety standards, provided they are used with the HANS Head and neck restraint device only.

The SFI 16.5 standard belts can include some 2” width sections, intended to perform more effectively with the HANS device. These belts must still comply with the lever/latch or latch/link style of buckle and cannot be the plastic Camlock buckle.

The SFI 16.5 standard seatbelts can be used in any class of speedway, provided the driver wears the HANS device.

The SFI 16.1 standard remains unchanged and is still accepted as a minimum safety standard.

Speedway Australia recommends these standards to all speedway divisions, however please check with your racing category to ensure these standards comply with your specifications.

For any further information, please contact  Risk Management Officer Shane Collins at Speedway Australia on (08) 8139 0777.

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