Registration of Cars

04/08/13…Pam Franz

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL SPEEDWAY DRIVERS AND CAR OWNERS – ALL ASCF/SSA and QSCA divisions – car registrations expire at 30th June each year.  This means that cars must be daylighted (fully inspected) and application for registration must be made to the QSCA and RETURNED to you before you can either Practice or Race in the new season.

Refer to Section 6 in each of the Specification Books for further confirmation of this. NOTE – The DRIVER is responsible for having the log book further endorsed before participation in each Official practice session OR race meeting.  A log book without endorsement by the Machine Examiner is equivalent to a no-race ticket.

Without the registration being applied for AND returned to you – you do not have a CURRENT log book for the 2013/14 season which means your car is not currently registered.

Both the driver/car owner and the officials in control of the Practice risk being penalised for breaches of the above.

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