Qld Modified Production State Title

06/04/11…Pam Franz

A huge number of nominations are to hand for the running of the 2011 Modified Production State Title at Charlton Raceway on 30th April / 1st may (Saturday / Sunday).  In fact 66 nominations are to hand.  Nominations have been acknowledged as they were received by the Title Co-Ordinator so if you have sent your nomination and you have not received an acknowledgement that it has been received please contact Title Co-Ordinator Paul Gannon on 0411 475 603 urgently.  The finalised list will be announced later this week.

Modified Production racing in Qld doesn’t get much better than the quality field headlined by drivers such as Aidan Raymont, Todd Doyle, Chris Jensen, Mark Carlin (Vic), Justin Drew (Vic), Johnno Collins and Greg Worling.  This will be a great weekend to follow the National Modified Production Title at Lismore.