Qld Junior Sedan Title at Lockyer Valley Speedway this Saturday

05/02/15…Pam Franz….courtesy of www.speedwaysedans.com

The Lockyer Valley Speedway will play host to 44 Junior Sedans this Saturday night, with the Queensland Junior Sedan Title.

The field includes drivers from four States, including Australian Champion Brock Atkins, who is also the Tasmanian and Victorian Champion, South Australian Champion Brendan Learoyd, who finished third in this event last year, along with South Australian Jack Gartner who was the runner up in the Australian Title.

West Australian Josh Fraser, along with Ardie Jonic, Brooke Etherden, Carter Armstrong, Matty Smith, Maddie McGee and Joel Berkley are just some of those who are likely to figure prominently on the night.

B8     Alex Sweeney, CN33     Andie Wallace , C50     Ardie Jonic,  T53     Ashleigh Hardy, B18     Ben Holmes,   B42     Ben Taylor,   MK2     BJ Muir,   G9     Brendan Learoyd,   B04     Brendan Robinson,   A1     Brock Atkins,  RK2     Brooke Etherden,
M27     Bryce Lack,C21     Carter Armstrong,  BB21     Casey Collins,   B48     Casey O’Connell,   B92     Cody Gay,   B49     Cody O’Connell,  CR34     Damon Johnston,   RK52     Daniel Johnson,   C99     Dylan Keen,  CN13     Erik Wallace,   RK22     Jack Cameron,  S17     Jack Gartner,   C9     Joel Berkley,   W5     Josh Fraser, MK41     Josh Hawkings,   C43     Joshua Schultz,  C88     Josie Thompson,   LV95     Karl Jones,  RK42     Katie Storey,   SB44     Kipp Barron,   BB7     Kiya Schnabel,   V46     Kye Walters,   B38     Maddi McGee,  CR82     Mason Pammenter, CR36     Matty Smith,    CR8     Mitchell Pammenter,  CR68     Nic Moncrieff,   MK5     Robbie Hawkings,   C6     Simon Walker,   C82     Terri-Ann Rowe,   MK61     Thomas Muir,   V11     Todd Atkins,   B45 Vicki Canfield57000617-DSC_2503

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