Peter Nicola Wins Qld Super Sedan Title

20/03/16…Pam Franz…story courtesy of Jason Crowe SSA Media

Two times and current Victorian Super Sedan Champion, Peter Nicola, has won the Queensland Super Sedan Title at the Macs Speedway in Mackay, leading all the way in the forty lap decider.

After nine qualifying heats, Peter Nicola and current Queensland Modified Sedan Champion Brodie Boss would start on the front row, while Jason Campbell and Ian Brims would start on row two.

The first move in the A Main would come from Jason Campbell, moving to second on the second lap, deposing Boss, who dropped to third.

The race would be a stop start affair on the tight confirms of the Macs Speedway, with Leigh Williams lasting just one lap.

Positions remained relatively close through the first half of the race, with the eighteenth lap bringing to an end the defence of Champion Matt Pascoe, while in fifth place.  Pascoe would be joined by Matt Williams on the infield , with Williams in sixth at the time of the stoppage. Brodie Boss was deemed by officials to be the cause of the stoppage and the demise of Pascoe and Williams and was sent to the rear of the field.

This would greatly change the positions behind Nicola and Campbell, with Ian Brims moving to third and Tasmanian Steve Latham to fourth after starting form position thirteen.Nicola Peter 19.03.16

On lap twenty four Brims got the better of Campbell and moved to second, and along with Nicola, started to open a gap on the remainder of the field.

Several late stoppages including on lap twenty eight and thirty two, kept positions close, but passing was not easy, with Brims sticking with Nicola all the way, but was unable to make a pass the Victorian, who held on for a narrow one car length win. Jason Campbell meantime, just held off Steve Latham to finish third, while veteran Wayne Randall, Gordon Shaw, Justin Smithwick and Brendan Doyle were the other drivers to finish on the lead lap.

For Nicola though, it would be his third State Title and first outside of his native Victoria, and a massive confidence booster going into the National Title next weekend.

Earlier, Gordon Shaw, Des Korn, Mick Nicola Snr, Peter Nicola, Matt Williams, Brodie Boss, Ian Brims, Wayne Randall and Steve Latham were then nine winners of the nine qualifying heats.


A MAIN RESULT – 40 Laps: 1. V1 Peter Nicola, 2. B76 Ian Brims, 3. Q97 Jason Campbell, 4. T8 Steve Latham, 5. Q0 Wayne Randall, 6. MK8 Gordon Shaw, 7. RK63 Justin Smithwick, 8. RK31 Brendan Doyle, 9. Q15 Gavin Northfield (39 laps), 10. C20 Nicholas O’Keeffe, 11. GL39 Bob McCosker (39), 12. Q24 Jack Childs (37), 13. RK8 Brodie Boss (37), 14. MK5 Robbie Hawkings (31), 15. RK7 Grant Shaw (21), 16. A1 Matt Pascoe (18), 17. RK3 Matt Williams (18), 18. MK25 Darren Hawkings (14), 19. MK61 Des Korn (5), 20. RK4 Leigh Williams (1). DNS: V3 Mick Nicola Snr. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.357, Fastest Lap: N/A

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