Pammenter Successfully Defends NSW Modified Sedan Title

22/05/2017…Webadmin…courtesy SSA Media Jason Crowe

Queensland’s Rodney Pammenter has defended his New South Wales Modified Sedan Title, at the Wahgunyah Speedway on Saturday night, leading almost all of the way in the twenty five lap main event.

Pammenter and Dave Clapson would start on the front row, but it would be home town hero Trevor Mills, who started from position five, who would lead early, passing Pammenter, Clapson, Robbie Faux and Mark Carlin in the process.

After leading the opening two laps, Pammenter pounced and assumed the lead, which he held until the finish.

Mark Carlin was also able to pass Mills at the same time, after which time the lead three positions remained unchanged.

Robbie Faux was fourth for practically the whole race, but would finish sixth with Russell Bent and Kye Walters passing Faux on the last lap.

Pammenter though, had a handy lead on the opposition, winning by 3.173 seconds, with Carlin the same margin ahead of Mills.  Dave Clapson who started on the front row, failed to finish, completing just four laps.


A Main – 25 Laps: 1. Q8 Rodney Pammenter, 2. V12 Mark Carlin, 3. N110 Trevor Mills, 4. V13 Russell Bent, 5. Q15 Kye Walters, 6. V5 Robbie Faux, 7. ACT3 Greg Stevenson, 8. V94 Rachel Pratt (24 laps), 9. ACT47 Daniel Pratten (20), 10. N77 Dave Clapson (4). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 3.173, Fastest Lap: 22.551 Q8 Rodney Pammenter

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