National Modified Production Title Qld Nominations

07/03/12…Pam Franz

The nominations for the 2012 National Modified Production Title closed today with State Offices.  The following is a list of nominations received at this time – due to the flooding in South East Qld the mail may have been delayed – Gympie has been flooded this week making thing difficult – if you have sent your nomination and you are not on this list please contact Pam as soon as possible on 0417 137 740.

25 nominations to date – Ross Bullimore, Rodney Pammenter, Brett Baxter, Brett Barron, Peter Gray, Robert Trapp, Mark Ferguson, Shane Langton, Jeff Smith, Ashley Barron, Craig Franz, Graeme Jones, Gavin Lorensen, Tony Coomber, Matthew Swarbrooke, Nathan MacDonald, Aidan Raymont, Mark Raymont, Shannon Blackburn, Darren White, Todd Doyle, Gavin Fletcher, Adrian Stott, Jeremy Beer and Jason Beer.

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