National Modified Production Title Includes 12 Qlders

18/02/10…Pam Franz…couresty of  Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The Australian Modified Production Title will be held at the Bendigo Bank Arena, Latrobe, from Thursday 11 March 2010, with the Finals set for Saturday, 13 March 2010. Speedway Sedans Australia have today released the field which will compete in the event.

In total, 52 drivers will take part in the event, which promises to be a brilliant spectacle, as current series all around Australia have proven throughout the season.

National Champion, Mark Carlin is part of a contingent of 18 from Victoria, while twelve drivers will come from Queensland for the event. The home state will have ten representatives, while New South Wales account for nine drivers. Two former State Champions in John Purser and Allan Mortimer, will make the massive trip from Western Australia, while Terry Brown is South Australia’s sole representative.

The field is full of State and National Champions, led by National Champion, Mark Carlin. Former Champions Todd Doyle (2008, 2007), Justin Drew (2006) and Greg Worling (1998) are also entered.

Queensland Champion, Shane Macdonald joins former Champions, Doyle and Aidan Raymont in the strong field. New South Wales Champion, Steve Price, and former NSW Champion David Jacobi (2001), are also in the field, along with Multiple Victorian Champion, Andrew Blackwell. Former Victorian Champions Graham West (2002) and Trevor Mills (2001), join Blackwell for the Title being held at Latrobe for the first time. Multiple South Australian Champion, Bryan Galley of Victoria is also in the line up with former West Australian Champions, Purser and Mortimer. Multiple Tasmanian Champions, Andrew Russell, Craig Williams, along with Barry Youl make a total of sixteen Current or Former Champions in the line-up.

Scrutineering will be held on Thursday, 11 March 2010, with three rounds of heats to be contested on Friday, 14 March 2010, with the final round of heats, along with the three finals on Saturday, 15 March 2010.

Further details will be released in the coming days, in the lead up to the event.

Nominations in Allocated Roof Number Order

A1 Mark Carlin
V2 Kellie Atkins
N3 Greg Worling
T4 Barry Youl
T5 Justin Goss
V6 Bryan Galley
T7 Rohan Blair
V8 Fiona Verhoeven
W9 John Purser
T10 Brett Tatnell
T11 Jordy Howe
V12 Trevor Mills
V14 Justin Alberni
N15 Terry Board
V16 Peter McCarthy
T17 Craig Williams
V18 Rodney Burr
V19 Justin Drew
Q21 Shane Macdonald
Q22 Steve Price
V23 Brendan Hucker
Q24 Dale Grotherr
V25 Christopher Hayden
T26 Andy Russell
T27 Josh Marston
Q28 Aidan Raymont
V29 Darren Forrest
Q31 Darryl Etherden
Q32 Nathan Macdonald
Q34 Glenn Pagel
V35 Andrew Blackwell
T36 Brad Palmer
Q37 Todd Doyle
V38 Darren Pottage
S39 Terry Brown
Q41 Graeme Jones
N42 Gerard Flood
Q44 Ashley Barron
V45 Anthony Wilson
N46 Steve Downes
V51 Wayne Ramsdale
N54 Ron Watts
V56 Graham West
N61 Max Clarke
N63 David Jacobi
Q66 Ross Bullimore
V72 Martin Hawson
W74 Allan Mortimer
Q78 Peter Gray
N81 Quintin Clarke
T82 Jason Price
N88 Jeffery Barclay