National Junior Sedan Title – La Trobe

16/01/10…Pam Franz

The National Junior Sedan Title is well under way at the Bendigo Bank Arena La Trobe in Tasmania.

The first night of heat racing was completed last night in what was a great spectacle of Junior racing.  Fast, close,3 wide racing on many occasions provided excitement for all.

Queensland has 12 competitors taking part in this event – points for them are as follows after 3 rounds of heats have been completed –
6th Cody Maroske – 81 points
10th Mitch Thomsen – 69 points
18th Brendan Learoyd – 49 points
23rd Brody Thomsen – 40 points
26th Nathan Barbeler – 37 points
30th Michael Learoyd – 35 points
31st Justin Smith – 35 points
32nd Dan Smith – 33 points
36th Sam Roza – 27 points
44th Lillian Smith – 19 points
46th Bianca Smith – 15 points

Ty Galley and Peter Doukas are tied on 100 points at the top of the point score.

Another round of heats will be contested tonight before the A, B & C Mains will be held.