National 4’s Title 2016 at Rockhampton

06/05/16…Pam Franz…courtesy of Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Rodney Midolo and his black BMW will put his Queensland National 4s Title on the line this Saturday night at the Rockhampton Speedway, against a quality field, less than twelve months before the inaugural Australian Title, also to be held in Queensland.Gympie 1

Midolo who last year defeated Brock Armstrong and Hamish Redman at Maryborough, will not only have to deal with both of them on Saturday night, but also the driver he deposed as Champion, Tim Weir, along with the runner-up Aaron Knox.

The field also includes Cameron Taylor, Gary Cartwright, Darryn Collins and Jack Kay, on what should be a highly competitive night of racing, leading up to the A Main decider.

Events for Junior Sedans, Street Stock and Modified Sedans are also scheduled with racing starting at 5.30pm EST.

Nominations Q1 Rodney Midolo, G7 Gary Pagel, LV10 Gary Cartwright, CN11 Darryn Collins, BB13 Rachael Jenkins, SC13 Matthew Bielby, M14 Cameron Taylor, LV16 Daniel Smith, C17 Joshua Schultz, G17 Tim Weir, CN19 Ian Turner, C43 Allen Schultz, N44 Aaron Knox, N46 Brodie King, SB48 Ben Stead, C52 Corey O’Toole, CR57 Thomas Fuller, M72 Hamish Redman, N85 Brock Armstrong, M94 Gary Harris Jnr, C99 Jack Kay

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