Modified Production Title Scrutineering Times

12/04/10…Pam Franz

The 2010 Qld Modified Production Title will be held at Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway on the Anzac Weekend of 24th & 25th April – Saturday and Sunday nights.  35 cars will compete to find out who will have the prestige of carrying the No 1 roof number for the next 12 months.

The following is a list of times for drivers to attend scrutineering on Saturday 24th April.  All drivers will be notified by mail also.

9.30am Adrian Stott
9.30am Brett Baxter
9.40am Glenn Pagel
9.40am Gavin Lorensen
9.50am Todd Doyle
9.50am Aidan Raymont
10.00am Mark Raymont
10.00am Jamie O’Meara
10.10am Michael Shelford
10.10am Craig Franz
10.20am Brendan Bayfield
10.20am Steven Zahl
10.30am Mark Ferguson
10.30am Graeme Jones
10.40am  Darryl Niesler
10.40am Darren Truin
10.50am Glenn Truin
10.50am Darren White
11.30am Dennis Shallcross
11.30am Allan Nash
11.40am Kane Heidke
11.40am Dennis Bullpitt
11.50am Royce Ernst
11.50am Kerry Lack
12.00pm Shane Langton
12.00pm Nathan MacDonald
12.10pm Shane MacDonald
12.10pm Rodney Pammenter
12.20pm Neil Coomber
12.20pm Johnno Collins
12.30pm David Jacobi
12.30pm Steven Downes
12.40pm Mark Carlin
12.40pm Quintin Clarke
12.50pm Justin Jenkins