Matty Smith Adds Victorian Junior Title to his list of achievements

04/04/16…Pam Franz…courtesy of Jason Crowe SSA Media

Smith Matty 030416Queensland Champion, Matty Smith has tonight won the Victorian Junior Sedan Title at the Laang Speedway, cruising to victory in the concluding stages.

Smith defeated South Australian Brad Gartner, Queenslander Ardie Jonic, Angus Hollis and Ricky Cornwall.

A re-start on lap eighteen eliminated Australian Champion Todd Atkins, Donald Young and Jamie Burton, setting up an eight lap run to the flag.  Smith immediately opened a lead as Gartner and Jonic had to contend with a lapped car, and once clear fought side by side to the chequered flag.

For Smith, fresh from winning the Central Queensland Title at Rockhampton, after winning the Northern Territory Title earlier in the season, it would be his eleventh Feature victory of the season.

Full details to follow


A Main – 25 Laps: 1. Q36 Matty Smith, 2. S119 Brad Gartner, 3. Q51 Ardie Jonic, 4. V16 Angus Hollis, 5. V15 Ricky Cornwall, 6. V76 Jackson Lunt, 7. V19 Harry Ross, 8. Q52 Daniel Johnson, 9. V62 Kasey Garlick, 10. S5 Kooper Greig, 11. V23 Tim Gorski, 12. V22 Wayne Furmston, 13. V8 Caleb Lincoln, 14. V4 Carly Walsh (24 laps), 15. V94 Tyler Barton (23), 16. V84 Jake Warren (23), 17. A1 Todd Atkins (17), 18. V43 Donald Young (17), 19. V133 Jamie Burton (17), 20. V55 Ben Micallef (8). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 5.880, Fastest Lap: 14.589 Q51 Ardie Jonic

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