Letter from Speedway Sedans Technical Director Re Junior Sedans

07/01/10…Pam Franz – copy of letter received – dated 05/01/10

To all Junior Competitors
It has been brought to my attention that some competitors are re-valving shock absorbers.
I would like to remind you of Page 33 Section 25 A & B of the Junior Specification book
the following:

A Junior Sedan race car must use a complete metal body with suspension mounting
points in original position and being used.    Suspension mounting points are defined as mounting points of suspension arm either
end, Shock absorber either end, strut either end and springs either end.

(a) All Arms, Rods, Struts, Spring Hangers and Sway Bars must remain standard, as
per Manufacturer, for year, make, model and body type.

All Cars may use Aftermarket Camber caster adjustment

(a) Shock Absorbers/Strut Inserts:
All cars may change shock absorbers and springs to aid handling. Standard sealed
replacement units only. No external adjustment/adjusters. E.g. no external
reservoir/canister type or externally gas pressure adjustment, (e.g.increase/decrease gas pressure).

No competition aftermarket derivatives. E.g. .AFCO, Bilstein, Koni, Pro, etc.
Mounting ends to remain original. They must be able to fit, and mount, in their
original mounting points, without any modifications.

Shock absorbers may be confiscated at the title and sent away for testing, so please bring
spares with you so that you are able to compete at the event.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 0419 929315

Kind regards
Des Alfirevich
Technical Director