Junior Sedan Title Re-Run Gympie 9th April

04/04/11…Pam Franz

The re-run of the 2010/11 Junior Sedan Title will be held at Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway next Saturday 9th April, 2011.  35 nominations are to hand for this event which will ensure a great nights racing spectacle for the regular crowd at Mothar Mountain.

Scrutineering Times are as follows – it would be appreciated by everyone if you could adhere to these times or earlier – if you are going to be late please phone Title Co-Ordinator Paul Gannon on 0411 475 603. 

Access to Mothar Mountain Speedway will not be available until 10am on Saturday 9th April.

10.30am Patrick Brennan
10.30am Stephen English
10.40am Kellie Pagel
10.40am Brendan Learoyd
10.50am Michael Learoyd
10.50am Kayla Barron
11.00am Simon Walker
11.00am Dan Smith
11.10am Sam Roza
11.10am Jayden Peacock
11.20am Brody Fraser-McGee
11.20am Maddi McGee
11.30am Will Muir
11.30am Alexandra Kuzmanovic
11.40am James Kennedy
11.40am Jack Kay
11.50am Jordan Ferguson
11.50am Bradley Scherer
12.00pm Rachel Jenkins
12.00pm Jaydn Stone
12.10pm Carter Armstrong
12.10pm Brandon Atto
12.20pm Nathan Barbeler
12.20pm Brodie Boss
12.30pm Cara Bowen
12.30pm Billy Duffield
12.40pm Robert Hawkings
12.40pm Jesse Arthur
12.50pm Dylan Campton
12.50pm Brody Chrystie
1.00pm Michael Gorman
1.00pm Brooke Collins
1.10pm Brody Thomsen
1.10pm Hayden Turner
1.10pm Tim Smith