Junior Sedan State Title at BIS

23/04/09…Pam Franz…amended 24/04/09…amended 28/04/09

The re-scheduled event of the Qld Junior Sedan State Title is being held at Brisbane International Speedway on Saturday 2nd May, 2009. 

Shock withdrawal from the event is a very disappointed Charlie Brown who is sporting an arm in plaster after a heavy fall from a moto cross bike.  This was Charlie’s last Qld Title and he was looking forward to trying to put the magical Q1 next to his A1.  Charlie has had a very successful career in the Junior Sedan division taking part in speedway all over Australia.  We wish Charlie a speedy recovery and a successful speedway career in whatever path he chooses in the future.

The final list of nominations is as follows – a total of 39 –

Cody Maroske, Jake Hawkins, Steve Rowell, Shinead Page, David Morrow, Kristy-Lee Bonsey, Bianca Smith, Brody Fraser-McGee, Justin Helmore, Dylan Menz, Justin Smith, Daniel Helmore, Dillon Whitford, James Kennedy, Lillian Smith, Jeremy Booth, Dan Smith, Jayden Peacock, Natalie Peacock, Sam Roza, Jack Kay, Stephen English, Brendan Learoyd, Michael Learoyd, Mitchell Thomsen, Kayla Barron, Hamish Redman, Brodie Boss, Nathan Barbeler, Renae Barron, Aaron Read, Jesse Arthur, Dean Cottrell, Morgan Martin, Skyla Trout, Jesse Nicholas, Michael Gorman, James McDonald, Mitch Whiting, Adrian Cottrell, Lee McKinnell

Please that your scrutineering time has been altered – your cars will be required for scrutineering between 10am and 1pm on Saturday, 2nd May.  Scrutineering will take place in the Pit Area.  You will be able to leave your transporters, trailers and race cars in the pit area but all persons must vacate the Pit Area by 130pm and the Pit Gates will not re-open until 230pm – no exceptions.

NASR Pit Entry Rules apply – all persons from 10am on this day are required to be wearing fully closed, fully covered footwear.  Children from the age of 12 years who have a NASR Card can access the Pits after 230pm but only children from 16 years who do not have a NASR card can gain access to the Pit Area.

At scrutineering you will require – your car, your log book and infringement card and your full race gear for checking.

Any car not presented for scrutineering during the time frame of 10am to 1pm and does not make contact to notify of your late attendance will be fined.  If you will not be available between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 2nd May please phone either Bill Peall on 0407 791 449 or Pam Franz 0417 137 740.

At the completion of the racing on Saturday night engines will be checked for compliance with the Specifications.  This engine checking will be carried out at a mutually suitable time for all parties involved.  Provision has been made to have a workshop available courtesy of Jeff Blackburn to be used either on Saturday night or Sunday morning.  Please note that it is the competitors responsibility to provide a Pit Crew member able to dismantle the engine for checking, including the supply of your own tools to carry out the job.  If you wish to re-assemble your engine and have it sealed at this time you will need to have on hand gaskets etc required for the assembly of the engine.

Title entrants who have their engines checked and found to meet the specification are eligible to claim a reimbursement from the QSCA of parts required for the re-assembly of the engine.