Jordan Takes Production Sedan NSW #1

27/05/2018…courtesy SSA Media Jason Crowe
Steve Jordan may have won a National Super Sedan Title in 2011, but on Saturday night, Jordan won his first New South Wales Production Sedan Title at the Gilgandra Speedway, fifteen years after his last State Title win in 2003.
After nine qualifying heats, it would be Daniel Henshaw and Stuart Fawcett on the front row for the thirty decider with Jordan and Wayne Bourke on row two.
The race did not go so well Brody Fraser who qualified fifth, Steve Downes or Johnny Ralph who were all out of the event after one lap. Fraser appeared to blow the engine, while Ralph rolled over on the back straight.
Upon the resumption, Henshaw would lead Fawcett and Jordan, with Craig McAlister moving to fourth. McAlister moved to third on lap twelve at the expense of Jordan, who in-turn moved to second on lap fourteen, passing both McAlister and Fawcett.
With ten laps remaining, and after hounding Henshaw for several laps Jordan made the move to take the lead. From there, Jordan, who drove a faultless race, moved away to record a comfortable win.
Daniel Henshaw, who led two thirds of the race would finish second, with Fawcett third, a position he held for the second half of the race. McAlister would finish close behind in fourth place, while Wayne Bourke would finish fifth, with plenty of positional changes on the final lap, mid pack.
Fourteen of the twenty drivers finished the race, thirteen on the lead lap.OFFICIAL RESULT
A Main, 30 Laps: 1. SC7 Steve Jordan, 2. G10 Daniel Henshaw, 3. LAC65 Stuart Fawcett, 4. G32 Craig McAlister, 5. L27 Wayne Bourke, 6. L56 Justin Hawkins, 7. GIL12 Steve Terry, 8. A1 Trevor Mills, 9. P35 Steven Aldridge, 10. SC61 Brendan Cowley, 11. N1 Damien McAlister, 12. BD26 Gemma Laidlaw, 13. D19 Matt Hutchison, 14. D84 Cameron Howard (29 laps), 15. M9 Kiel Rosevear (15), 16. G17 Neil Keldoulis (11), 17. GIL8 Lindsey Foster (5), 18. LAC29 Steve Downes (1), 19. M49 Johnny Ralph (1), 20. G8 Brody Fraser (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.817, Fastest Lap: 19.420 G32 Craig McAlister

Photo courtesy of Holly Irwin



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