Implementation of new Numbering System in Qld for all Divisions

28/06/09…Pam Franz

To simplify the identification of race cars        
To promote a better image of the sport to the paying public        
For Nationally registered divisions – to make it easier to clarify their home state         
when travelling interstate to race or racing against cars from other states in Qld        

How to Implement        
1 To be effective as at 1st July 2009       
2 Owners of numbers in the 2008/09 season to remain       
3 From 1st July 2009 no further registrations to be accepted if number is        
 already taken       
4 Registered Owners list to be on QSCA website       
5 If you wish to secure your number and you do not have a currently        
 registered car as at 30th June 2009, you must pay a $50 holding fee       
6 The holding fee is due by 30th June in subsequent years to secure the         
7 We consider the introduction of 3 digit numbers in the Divisions that         
 require them in due course       
8 Club Prefixes to remain as an integral part of car identification       
9 Drivers may choose to move to another available number at anytime by        
 application to the QSCA.       
10 Numbers that are held by payment of a holding fee will have the $50        
 holding fee credited to the cost of registration if registered within 4 months        
 of the start of the next racing season.  E.g. $50 holding fee paid on 30th        
 June 2010 car registered before 31st October, 2010 will attract a credit.       
Over a number of years as drivers move away from the sport the duplication of         
 numbers in the divisions will slowly decrease, without causing any grief for those         
currently racing.        

Considerations for a Gradual Introduction      
Race teams have apparel for driver and crew which is already in use and costly      
to change.      
Some drivers have raced on ‘their’ number for several years and are well known      
Less disruption for existing drivers/owners      

Car 21 is registered as at 30th June 2009      
Owner has until 30th June 2010 to re-register the car or pay the holding fee      
to retain the registration number for next racing season.      
If holding fee is not paid or car re-registered, 21 is availale to whoever is the      
first applicant on or after 1st July 2010.