Hoosier Reward for NSSS Carline Stars

01/12/10…NASR National Office

As has been the case since the championship began, the 2010/2011 Carline Mufflers National Super Sedan Series regulations include a tyre compound rule that stipulates the minimum compound that can be fitted on the right rear wheel.  However, the series regulations place no restrictions on the brand of tyre competitors can choose and Hoosier Tire Australia are providing a great incentive for series competitors to make the iconic Hoosier brand their tyre of choice.

Hoosier Racing Tires focuses exclusively on selling racing tyres, produces over 1000 different types of race tyres for use in motorsport competition around the world and has grown to be the world’s leading producer of racing tyres.  Whilst the Hoosier brand is synonymous with speedway competition in Australia and the United States, Hoosier is also widely regarded as one of the best tyres available for road racing and drag competition. 

Hoosier Tire Australia is the sole Australian agent and distributor for the Hoosier Racing Tire product range and are able to supply a wide range of Hoosier tyres for a number of different racing divisions, as well as Hoosier apparel, track wear and pit accessories for racers and fans alike.

Throughout the 2010/2011 Carline Mufflers National Super Sedan Series, a Hoosier right rear tyre will be won by a driver who finishes on the podium with Hoosier tyres fitted to all four corners of their car.  In the event of two or more drivers finishing on the podium with four Hoosier tyres fitted, the highest placed driver will claim the prize.  Therefore, any driver who wins a series round utilising four Hoosier tyres will automatically secure the prize for that round.

The award is open to any driver taking part in any round of the 2010/2011 championship and is another great incentive for those competitors supporting Australia’s premier speedway sedan series.  For information and pricing on the entire Hoosier range, visit the Hoosier Tire Australia website – www.hoosier.com.au – or phone (02) 9679 1990.