Helmet Standard Update

20/01/10…NASR Safety Bulletin #1/2010

The new Snell SA 2010 helmet standard is due to be launched this year so NASR and speedway scrutineers will officially recognise 3 standards:

Snell SA 2010
Snell SA 2005
Snell SA 2000

However, the SA 2000 standard is due to be phased out next year. On the 1st of July 2011 Snell SA 2000 standard helmets will no longer be approved. Therefore competitors with a Snell SA2000 helmet can continue to use it until the middle of next year.

If you are looking at purchasing a new helmet be sure to ask sales staff about the new Snell SA 2010 standard. Also, all competitors should check the Snell standard of your current helmet so you can be sure yours complies with the NASR minimum safety standards.

If you have any further quesitons, please contact Paul Trengove – NASR Competition & Operations Manager on 08 8139 0777