Frank Packer Takes NSW Production Title Win

17/02/13…Pam Franz

Last night at Gilgandra Speedway in Central NSW there was plenty of excitement for Queenslanders who travelled to Gilgandra to take part in the 2013 NSW Production Sedan Title event.  Travellers included Frank Packer, Jim Cowley, Kristian Walker, Neil Keldoulis, Steve Thomsen, Stephen-John Lahiff, Selina English and Wayne Slade.

The 35 lap A Main event was run with the front row consisting of Kristian Walker and Jim Cowley and Frank Packer from position 3, this guaranteed a fast exciting race.  Walker led for the major part of the race with Cowley and Packer right there with him.  Lahiff was out in the early stages with engine problems and Thomsen’s run ended when he touched the fence.  Walker also had a moment with the fence which caused him problems for the rest of the race, later in the race Walker spun on his own and was relegated ROF giving the lead to Packer with Cowley still right there ready to pounce if the opportunity opened up.  Although struggling with the car Walker managed to come back through the field during the later stages and finished in 4th behind winner Frank Packer and second place getter Jim Cowley.  Neil Keldoulis completed the race in 10th place.

Selina English finished 6th in the B Main and Wayne Slade was unable to complete the nights racing due to an engine issue in the second round of heats.

Congratulations to all Qlders who travelled to take part in this event – yet another #1 for a Qlder and the first for the national Production Sedan class which is very new in Qld.

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