Fletcher Wins Firecracker at Archerfield

20/03/16…Pam Franz….story courtesy of SSA Media Jason Crowe

Gavin Fletcher won another big event last night, by winning the Firecracker 1000 for Modified Sedans at the Ausdeck Patios, Archerfield Speedway, leading all the way in the thirty lap decider.

Fletcher would have to survive numerous stoppages along with several challenges from former Australian Champion Aidan Raymont, before taking victory.  A previous winner of the event, Greg Worling would be third for the entire distance, finishing ahead of Max Clarke and Nathan McDonald.

Raymont was the quickest car on the track not only in the A Main, but also throughout the night, and despite numerous attempts to take the lead, Fletcher would hold sway to win narrowly.Gavin Fletcher wins Kings Royal 2015

Six qualifying heats were held in the lead up to the A Main, with Fletcher winning twice, while Raymont, Max Clarke, Quinton Clarke and Steven Quirk would be successful once.


Feature Race – 30 Laps: 1. Q42 Gavin Fletcher, 2. Q28 Aidan Raymont, 3. N11 Greg Worling, 4. N15 Max Clarke, 5. Q32 Nathan MacDonald, 6. Q6 Corey Stein, 7. N81 Quinton Clarke, 8. Q72 Shane Langton, 9. Q23 Robert Trapp, 10. Q69 Russell Harris (26 laps), 11. W24 David Head (23), 12. N6 Steve Downes (21), 13. Q77 Mick Langton (19), 14. Q27 Shane MacDonald (8). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.210, Fastest Lap: 15.949 Q28 Aidan Raymont

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