Fletcher Wins CQ Modified Production Title at Blackwater

09/06/10…Pam Franz

The running of the first Central Queensland Modified Production title was held at Blackwater last weekend – a track which is 2 hours west of Rockhampton.  Blackwater is in the heart of the mining basin.  The track is 520 metres on the pole line and 5 or 6 cars wide.  Although Blackwater has very limited members they schedule major race meetings for Super Sedans each season and have now added Modified Production racing to their calendar on a regular basis.  Supporting the Modified Productions last weekend were Junior Sedans.
A good field of 18 Modified Productions including current Qld champion Aidan Raymont, current NSW champion Todd Doyle, Australian Open winner Shane MacDonald lined up to do battle.  After three rounds of heats Townsville’s Wayne Gilroy was highest point scorer and led the 30 lap A Main event away with Steve Price on his outside.  After several restarts the race finally got underway in a single file restart.  Quite a few cars were already out of the race due to damage caused by drivers being eager to lead the first lap. 

Modified Production heat wins went to Wayne Gilroy x 2, Gavin Fletcher, Steve Price, Jason Boss and Aidan Raymont.

Final placings in the CQ Modified Production Title event were Gavin Fletcher, Shane MacDonald, Aidan Raymont, Mark Ferguson, Wayne Gilroy, Rodney Pammenter, Myles Gilroy and Jeff Smith.

15 Junior Sedans put on a great show – multi title holder Cody Maroske led the charge in his Charade.

Junior Sedan heat wins went to Lillian Smith, Cody Maroske x 2, Dan Smith, Jayden Peacock and Kayla Barron.

Final placings were Cody Maroske, Sam Roza, Jayden Peacock, Brendan Learoyd, Brody Boss, James Kennedy, Kayla Barron, Dan Smith, Steve English, Brandon Otto, Jordan Ferguson, Simon Walker and Cara Bowen.

Blackwater is hosting 2 rounds of the Coal to Reef Modified Production Series in the 2010/11 season.