Fire Extinguishers Mandatory

22/07/09…Pam Franz….from 

From the recently held NASR Safety Committee conference in Adelaide the recommendation was taken to the NASR Board Meeting to further ensure the safety of competitors, crews and others in all speedway complex Pit Areas by requiring teams to have a Fire Extinguisher available of their own.  It was recognised that Tracks also provide Fire Extinguishers for the use of the competitors in the Pit Area but the NASR Safety Committee felt it was beneficial to all that a Fire Extinguisher became part of the requirements with each race car.  The following was the final outcome of this recommendation:

“All speedway teams are required to carry as a minimum in the pit area effective immediately:
2.3kg ABE Dry Powder Extinguisher that meets
Australian Standards 1841 with current date stamps”

As all Fire Extinguishers are covered by an Australian Standard it is necessary to have them Tested and Tagged every six months by a qualified person.