Biggest Win Of Career For Stead

11/05/17..Webadmin…courtesy of Jason Crowe SSA Media

Ben Stead has won the biggest event of his career, when he won the NSW National 4s Title at the Lismore Showgrounds on Saturday night.

Stead not only won the event, but come from well back in the field to do so.

Thomas Fuller and Justin Weir would start on the front row for the thirty lap Title decider, with Brock Hancock and Peter Baguley on the second row, while Stead started on row three.

Stead would get anything but a good start, dropping quickly to eighth as Weir took the lead.   Peter Baguley would also get a good start, quickly moving to second, but it lasted for only three laps, before he slipped through the field and out of contention.

With Baguley’s demise, Brock Hancock would move to second place, before being challenged by Stead, who move to had moved to third.  Stead moved to second on lap nine, and then assumed the race lead on lap fourteen.

Like Stead, Brodie King was also making great progress through the field.  Originally starting from the fifth row, King moved to third with twelve laps remaining, and started a good battle with Weir, but alas for both of them, they were half a lap behind a rampant Stead, who had moved well clear of the field.

Stead lapped all but five other drivers, with Weir holding off King, while Brock Hancock, Daryl Oliver and Thomas Fuller finished in the top six, all separated by a car length as they crossed the line, with Stead right behind the trio at the finish.


A Main – 30 Laps: 1. SC48 Ben Stead, 2. G7 Justin Weir, 3. SSC46  Brodie King, 4. SC53 Brock Hancock, 5. G5 Daryl Oliver, 6. CR57 Thomas Fuller, 7. G15 Bevan Burton (29 laps), 8. LAC22 Sarah Deuchar (22), 9. SSC96 Wally Rudder (17). DNF: 10. LAC81 Matthew Layton (22), 11. SSC85 Brock Armstrong (18), 12. LAC24 Gerry Flood (18), 13. N1 Trent Dhu (17), 14. SC19 Peter Baguley (13), 15. C99 Danial Smith (8). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 7.739, Fastest Lap: 16.443 SC48 Ben Stead

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