Attending A Practice – Do You Know Your Responsibilities?

18/08/15…Pam Franz

Must haves:
Currently Registered Car to the division it complies with
A current Speedway Australia licence
A current SSA Infringement Card

What to Expect:
Your car must be inspected by a SSA Scrutineer and your Log Book must have an entry made in it for the Practice – just the same as a race night.

There will be a SSA Steward in charge of the on/off track activities.

SSA Class Technical Manual – Page 3 Section 4 Registration – The Driver is responsible for having the log book further endorsed before participation in each official practice session or race meeting. The log book must be endorsed. A log book without endorsement by the Machine Examiner/Scrutineer is equivalent to a no-race ticket.

Comply with the above and are unfortunate enough to have a problem you are fully covered.

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