That is awesome – that’s why you have a race car – BUT there has been a few changes that impact on programming.

There is a new rule in the Speedway Sedans Australia annexure of the Racing Rules Book – Rule 4.5.1 – Maximum of 12 cars in any heat race.

This is hard and fast – no more than 12 cars – so what this means is that tracks need to accommodate this rule when completing their race night program and subsequently Draws.

As a competitor you can help massively to ensure things are fair for everyone.

If you nominate then find out you can no longer attend – due any reason – car damage/work/family commitments/or any other reason – PLEASE DE-NOMINATE.

If you are planning on racing – PLEASE ENSURE YOU NOMINATE – even if you want to run ROF – just note your nomination accordingly.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated by everyone involved in programming a race night. A full 12 car heat race with a late nomination causes changes to be made on the day.

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