4 Cylinder Sedan Title – Mothar Mountain This Saturday

09/02/11…Pam Franz

A great field of 34 nominations is to hand for the 2010/11 4 Cylinder Sedan State Title being held this weekend at Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway.  In fact huge fields of cars are nominated in all divisions racing this weekend.  With so much bad weather over the past 2 months very little racing has been completed in Queensland so all drivers are champing at the bit to get on the track.  18 Modified Productions, 39 Street Sedans, 14 Junior Street Sedans, 25 Junior Sedans and 9 Formula 500’s will provide excellent support racing to the 4 Cylinder Sedan Title.

Scrutineering for the 4 Cylinder Sedans competing in the State Title is between 10.30am and will conclude at 1pm.  A Drivers Briefing for the competitors in the State Title will commence at 3pm followed by the Drivers Briefing for the rest of the competitors.  A Grand Parade by the 4 Cylinder competitors will precede the first event at 4pm.